Raqi Thunda, Van Lathan (via Instagram)

The ripple effect is in full effect. Raqi Thunda took to Twitter and called out Van Lathan saying that she told him about Diddy’s abuse in 2019.

She added that he did nothing about it because Diddy “was his friend.”

Raqi also accused Van of telling Joe Budden where his baby mama [Cyn Santana] was hiding from him.

She tweeted: 

I had a conversation with @VanLathan in 2019 told him about the Diddy abuse he said he wouldn’t touch it cause that was his friend. Then he called @ joebudden to tell him where his BM was hiding from him! Ahhhh the days. 2024 The Year of Truth!

See her original tweet below.

Van Lathan took to the streets of Twitter and wrote a lengthy statement to share his side of the story. 

He offered a detailed explanation of why he declined to interview Gina Huynh, who detailed Diddy’s abuse during an interview with Tasha K

Van also clarified what happened with Cyn Santana and Joe Budden.

Last, but certainly not least, Van Lathan apologized to Raqi Thunda for making her feel he wasn’t listening to her. 

Read Van’s full statement below.

I’ve spoken to Raqi. I’ll address both things in the order they are being brought up.

Around 2018-19ish I was hosting a podcast called “The Red Pill.” Around that time Raqi came to me wanting to do two separate interviews.

The first was with Gina Huynh, a longtime lady friend of Diddy’s. At this time she had gone on Tasha K’s platform and accused Diddy of abuse.

I passed on the interview. I passed because honestly, it’s not now, nor has it ever been the type of thing I do. Also, my podcast was in partnership with TMZ.

You can’t let someone come on that type of platform and just lob allegations. You’re exposed to a lawsuit. If there is evidence, photos, video, that gives you more latitude. But i hadn’t seen that.

When I declined the interview with Raqi, I mentioned I’d known Diddy for around a year at that point. He’d been trying to get me to come work at Revolt. I had to tell her that because if she finds out later it looks bad.

Also, when I asked people around Diddy about what I heard (and I did) they said that I would’ve looked like a fool for doing the interview because she would 100% be next to him again.

I want to make something clear, this had nothing to do with Cassie, the first time I’d heard any allegations surrounding Cassie was the lawsuit, the first time I’d seen any evidence was the disgusting video today.

The only time I’d ever in life heard of Diddy assaulting a woman was that one Tasha K interview in 9 years of being at TMZ.

If Raqi feels like she was trying to say something and I wasn’t listening, I apologize.

In my time at TMZ, I’d turned down so many interviews, stories, tell-alls etc. It was like second nature. I watched the entire Tasha K interview and decided the interview wasn’t for me.

As far as me letting her know I had a relationship with him, I thought I had to. I might’ve communicated that in way that didn’t do me any favors.

Some months after that Raqï contacted me again to have Cyn Santana come on the show.

Cyn and Joe had just broken up and Raqi said she wanted to come on the show to discuss her music. I was thinking about doing it.

To Raqi’s credit she communicated CLEARY that she wanted this interview to have nothing to do with their breakup.

I couldn’t see doing an interview and not asking about it, it wouldn’t make any sense.

Since I knew I had to ask about it, I hit Joe to let him know she would be on. Call didn’t go great. At the end of it decided the interview wasn’t for me. Too much drama, and once again I’d have been chasing clicks.

I was never told Cyn was “hiding” from Joe. I was never told there were allegations of abuse in their relationship.

I was never even told about the nature of their split. If the ex spouse of anyone I know decides they want an interview with me, I’m definitely calling the person I know UNLESS I’m told not to. That’s a professional courtesy.

UNLESS I’m given information that it’s a dangerous situation. Raqi says that by alerting Joe, I alerted him that that they were in California for interviews, thus telling an allegedly abusive spouse where his BM was.

Only I didn’t know ANY of that. But once again, I’m sorry to have played any part in. I should’ve just declined the interview and said nothing.

Last thing, Raqi is a decent lady who had this industry show her its ass. She’s been abandoned and kicked around like a lot of sisters have. I have no ill will towards her because of her tweet today… but it wasn’t at all fair.

I’ve done nothing to have my name connected to that video today, to sex trafficking, to drugging or assaulting women. I’ve never participated in or given cover to anyone I know to be doing that.

Over the last five years Raqi and I have talked here and there, and I was never even given an inkling she felt this way about me. But It’s an opportunity to reevaluate how you think you’re showing up, and how you actually are.

See Van Lathan’s original tweet here.

I’m happy that Van and Raqi Thunda spoke and he didn’t hesitate to take accountability for his actions.

2024 is truly showing out!

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