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Cyn Santana Addresses Leaked Audio Between Her & Joe Budden

Cyn Santana was furious when she took to the streets of Instagram on Tuesday night to address leaked audio of her and Joe Budden hashing out their relationship issues.

Typically, this really wouldn’t have been that big of a deal because we’ve watched the couple go at it on “Love & Hip Hop.”

But in the leaked audio, Cyn said Joe “chased” her and “dragged” her during a previous disagreement.

The timing couldn’t have been worse.

Especially on the heels of Tahiry Jose claiming Joe broke her nose and ribs and pushed her down a flight of stairs in a recent interview.

Here is the leaked audio that has Cyn hot as fish grease:


In the video posted on her Instagram page, Cyn Santana reminded people that she and Joe Budden are “public figures,” but they are not “action figures.”

She went on to say she’s a real person with a family and she will protect them and their mental health by all means.

I dont play about my family and I most definitely don’t play about my son. Mind y’all business. Love ??✨

Cyn never said why she secretly recorded Joe, but she did say someone she confided in betrayed her trust, but she’s going to leave it in God’s hands.

Watch below:


Joe Budden is truly having a tough time in these internet streets.

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