Rappers Tyga and Sauce Walker are both creating platforms to catch the OnlyFans creators who are looking for a new home.

OnlyFans announced their plans to ban sexually explicit content on their platform in October.

Tyga posted a video on his IG account that showed him deleting his OnlyFans account, which carried a primary balance of over $600k.

He then promoted his new Myystar platform, which is slated to launch in October.

They use to call him Tyga now they can call him “Captain save a fan.”

He says his platform will allow creators to make content of their choice, and it will be more futuristic than OnlyFans with only a 10% fee.

OnlyFans currently charges its content creators a 20% fee.

See the original IG post below:

Rapper Sauce Walker appears to be one step ahead of Tyga with his OnlyBaddies platform, as he is already offering content creators a weekly subscription for $39.99.

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Source: XXL