Courtney Tillia, a former special ed teacher turnt OnlyFans star, says she is concerned about the OnlyFans ban affecting her income, but she has no plans of returning to teaching.

OnlyFans recently announced that starting October 1 they will be banning all sexually explicit content.

Courtney has reportedly amassed an impressive amount of revenue in a short amount of time on OnlyFans.

According to Courtney, she earned a high 6-figure salary, making between $20k to $100k per month with approximately 18,000 subscribers.

She said the new revenue stream has afforded her the financial independence to purchase new cars, a new home, and the opportunity to travel extensively.

Courtney said her money use to be tight when she was a teacher.

She admits that she doesn’t completely understand what exactly will be banned, but she fears it will be bad news for her.

Courtney Tillia says her back up plan is to focus on her thriving life coaching business if her primary source of income from OnlyFans is impacted by the ban.

Watch the video below:

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Source: TMZ