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27-year-old rapper Vince Staples is hilarious without trying.

This is the same kid that launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise $2 Million to shut up and stop rapping forever when people complained about his performances.

He has a natural way with words that’s just all-around engaging.

I, like many, was familiar with Vince as a rapper, but when he digitally made his rounds on a few podcasts, I gravitated toward his personality.

I’ve said many times that he needs his own podcast. I imagine it will be funny, sarcastic, and thought-provoking.

“I’m just trying to make sure that I’m becoming the person I’m supposed to be.”

Staples seems wise beyond his years, sometimes the exact opposite from his peers.

I did notice that Vince was quiet, but didn’t realize it was an intentional break.

So I was extremely excited when I saw Desus Nice tweet the GQ article this morning, clearly, the Brand remains strong.

Below are 9 things we learned from GQ’s Vince Staples interview:

  1. Vince has a self-titled EP dropping this summer (Can’t Wait)!
  2. He has a Netflix show on the way (This might be better than a podcast)
  3. His full-length album (Ramona Park Broke My Heart) is in the works
  4. He brushes his teeth like a psychopath (read the article)
  5. Long Beach raccoons are famous (read the article)
  6. He prefers PS5 over Xbox
  7. Vince used to stutter
  8. He is not handy when it comes to home repair
  9. He’s never been on vacation

Go read the full interview over at GQ.

If you aren’t familiar with Vince Staples, this is a great introduction, if you are familiar, you can go see what Vince has been up to during the pandemic.