Rapper Shy Glizzy Denies Allegations That He Gave OnlyFans Star Sky Bri A Pill On A Video Set

Rapper Shy Glizzy recently denied OnlyFans star Sky Bri’s allegations that he gave her a pill on the set of his “White Girl” video last year and refused to pay her after she turned down his sexual advances.

Sky Bri appeared on the “No Jumper” podcast a few weeks ago and told her side of the story.

According to Sky, she agreed to be paid $3000 for the video appearance, but when she got there Shy Glizzy was not there and she realized that she was responsible for her own make-up and wardrobe.

She said once she finished her make-up they wanted her to do a pool scene that required her to ruin the make-up she had just put on.

The pool scene was done before Shy arrived because he was running late.

When he did arrive, she said he was flirting with her during the shoot, but she wasn’t into him.

Sky said when it got dark outside, Shy and his “little posse” cornered her in the kitchen and convinced her to take a pill that she didn’t recognize.

She said she told them no “like, a million times,” but he told her it would make her feel good, and she eventually took the pill.

She said the pill made her feel euphoric, and she told him that she wouldn’t have agreed to take it if he wasn’t so pressing.

Once the shoot was finished, she said she was in her room packing up her stuff, and Shy came in the room, pulled her down on the bed, exposed himself to her, and requested oral sex from her, which she refused to perform.

He told her, “then your fine with not getting paid,” and she told him, “yeah.”

She said she then went downstairs and told the director, who she had established a relationship with over the 12-hour shoot, and he put her in a car and took her home.

Watch the clip of the Sky Bri interview on the “No Jumper” podcast below:

Shy Glizzy recently appeared on DJ Akademiks podcast, “Off The Record,” denying the allegations.

According to Shy Glizzy, the allegations aren’t true, and everything went “smooth” at the video shoot.

He also said he’s a player with a lot of history on the streets, implying that playas don’t get caught up in those types of situations.

Watch the clip of the Shy Glizzy interview from DJ Akademiks podcast “Off The Record” below:

According to his former friend and Glizzy team member Ant Glizzy, he’s not surprised by the allegations because he was present at a similar encounter involving Shy.

Watch the Ant Glizzy interview clips below courtesy of “Say Cheese!”:

Watch Shy Glizzy’s “White Girl” video below:

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