Rapper Freddie Gibbs Reacts To His 1st Grammy Nomination

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Rapper Freddie Gibbs received his first Grammy nomination today in the Best Rap Album category for his May 29th release Alfredo, and he is ecstatic.

Gibbs has been all over social media sharing his good news.

Gibbs definitely doesn’t lack confidence, and he has every right to be excited. His album Alfredo is dope!

It is in my regular rotation at the gym.

After a brief stint on CTE (2013), forming his own label ESGN (2013), releasing eight albums, and nine mixtapes in his career Freddie Gibbs has earned his nomination.

We wish Freddie Gibbs the best at the Grammy’s, but he is up against some very stiff competition in Nas and Royce Da 5’9″.

Who do you think will win the Grammy for Best Rap Album?

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