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Nas’SMOKE: Marijuana + Black America” documentary is slated to premiere on BET on November 18th at 10:00pm EST.

The two-hour documentary will explore marijuana culture and it’s impact on black America. The documentary is narrated and produced by Nas.

The world has finally begun opening up to the cannabis industry the way I feel it should have years ago. Even still, hate exists in this business for black people, and that is something that sickens me and should be recognized for its blatant evil.

The people that have been locked up for marijuana should not only be freed but receive restitution for the damage done to them by outdated laws. It’s important to spread awareness on this, and that’s why everyone needs to make sure they tune in and watch the documentary ‘SMOKE!’

SMOKE!” will give the viewer diverse perspectives on the cannabis culture from policymakers and cannabis entrepreneurs. Kamala D. Harris, Cory Booker, J.B. Pritzker, Al Harrington, Cheyenne Parker, Ricky Wiliams, Ty Dolla $ign, and CJ Wallace, all appear in the documentary.

Cannabis entrepreneur B-Real stated:

I felt it was important to contribute to the ‘SMOKE’ doc because people still need more education and information in regard to the cannabis industry.

So much misinformation was force-fed to people for so many years and docs like these are key to helping to break some of the stigmas that still exist, even though we have made so much progress.

Being an entrepreneur in the cannabis space was a goal since day one and opening up our first Dr. GreenThumb’s location was a dream come true. Our expansion and growth is at steady pace and we look forward to what the future holds for this industry and culture.

Al Harrington, founder of Viola, shared:

‘SMOKE’ truly sheds a light on the systemic racial issues embedded in our society with regards to Black America and the war on drugs.

I am honored to be a part of the this project, as our mission at Viola is to not only empower minority ownership in cannabis, but to also help those communities of color who have historically been the victims of cannabis-related incarceration, turning their struggles into opportunities for success, within this ever-evolving and rapidly growing industry.

The legal cannabis business is expected to generate $30 Billion in sales by 2025, but only 4.3% of dispensaries are black-owned.

Tune in to “SMOKE: Marijuana + Black America” to gain insight on the hypocrisy of the system and learn more about black Americans experiences in the business.

Source: Variety

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