Mehgan James Says It Was Jhonni Blaze’s Idea To Take A Drug Test On Her Podcast

Mehgan James is facing backlash for calling Jhonni Blaze a “crackhead” and having her take a drug test on her podcast, but she claims it was Jhonni’s idea to do it.

According to Mehgan, Jhonni basically produced the segment of her taking a drug test on “The Hollywood Group Chat” podcast because she knew it would go viral.

Mehgan claims Jhonni Blaze hit her up numerous times asking to be on her podcast.

Mehgan says she gave in after Jhonni released her new single, “Don’t Fall Out of Love,” featuring Ne-Yo, because she figured they could promote the single on the podcast.

Mehgan James says Jhonni came up with the drug test idea herself because “she wanted to clear her name and she knew it would go viral if I asked if she was REALLY A CRACK HEAD, so I asked bc idc !!! IT WAS HER IDEA!!!!!!”

See the clip of Mehgan asking Jhonni Blaze to take the drug test below:

People interpreted the segment as Mehgan being mean to Jhonni so Mehgan decided to detail what happened behind the scenes via her Instagram.

See Meghan James’ original IG post below:

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After the podcast, a video emerged of Jhonni Blaze confirming she didn’t mind taking the drug test.


Jhonni blaze says she didn’t mind taking the drug test durint the interview with mehgan James but she feels like the name calling wasn’t warranted #jh

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The full interview is not currently available on Mehgan James’ YouTube channel.

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