London Brown via Instagram

Mark Twain said, “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to talk and remove all doubt.” “Raising Kanan” star London Brown missed the memo.

The actor, who just got chewed up by Draya Michele last month, is still pontificating on women’s business.

This time, London went live on Instagram to advise women over 35 with children who say they will leave a cheating man have a “fairytale in their minds.” 

Some of y’all…you already over 35.

You got two or three kids…you talking about if your man cheat you bout to leave.

Where you bout to go?!

Single is not bad. Yeah…also that’s the fairytale in your mind.

Stop playing. That’s not what you want to do! You not being honest.

Single is cool for about a month or two.

After a while…you’re going to want to get your back blown out. 

London also challenged the women who said they would take the single life over dating a cheating man by questioning their looks and whether or not they were in shape.

Watch the clip from London Brown’s Instagram Live below. 

By the time London is done…I’m going to be fast-forwarding his scenes on “Raising Kanan.”

Do you agree with anything London said? 

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