London Brown, Draya Nicole (Instagram)

Draya Michele has a message for London Brown after the “Raising Kanan” star called her “passed around goods.” 

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London made the remarks days after Draya, 39, announced she was pregnant and expecting a baby girl with Houston Rockets baller Jalen Green, 22. 

Draya Michele, Jalen Green via Instagram

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The actor, who often goes live to share his unsolicited thoughts, views, and opinions seemingly shared a PSA for Jalen saying:

Bro, she’s passed goods…passed around goods. 

Oh, so you think you’re the guy because you got a pretty woman and she’s pregnant.

You don’t know. Oh, you got to the party late. You don’t know.

She’s done…she done topped all of us off.

But, congratulations on the newborn. 

Draya Michele Claps Back At London Brown

London Brown via Instagram

Draya Michele slid into the comment section of HU with a PSA of her own. 

The former “Basketball Wives” star wrote: 

I have never met this man a day in my life.

Idk why he feels the need to speak about me in a situation where he uses the term ‘us’…brother…KING…I don’t know you.

Didn’t even know your name was London until today right now this second as I was asked about this.

I’ve avoided the net all together and most b— a— tendencies I’ve endured for the past few days.

I won’t be lied on tho. Stay blessed.

#idontknowthisman #whoisus #itwouldaneverbeenyou 

See the screenshot below courtesy of Hollywood Unlocked.


Draya Michele’s response to London Brown comes on the heels of Gilbert Arenas and Nick Young publicly discussing an encounter with Draya in the backseat of a car. 

She opted not to address that.

In the best interest of protecting her peace, Draya may need to cut back on her screen time. 

Draya Michele, 28 weeks pregnant (via Instagram)

She recently took to her Instagram Story writing: 

I feel like I am at the bottom of a pile of heavy humans.

Most hours of the day I feel like I am struggling to breathe. 

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It’s unclear if it’s the stress weighing on her or the baby shifting things around in her body during her pregnancy.

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