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Todrick Hall received an influx of hate for having a lavish birthday bash days after launching a $10,000 GoFundMe to support his family.

Todrick Hall Launches GoFundMe

Todrick Hall and Family (via GoFundMe)

The 39-year-old entertainer admitted he was hesitant to launch the GoFundMe, but did after his fans convinced him to. 

In the fundraising campaign, Todrick writes: 

A few weeks ago I got a FaceTime call from my little brother…I almost didn’t answer because I was in a work meeting, but my brother knows I’m not a FaceTime guy and it was very abnormal for him to call me multiple times back to back.

I answered the call to him screaming and freaking out the house was burning down. He was home alone and trying to call my parents and no one was answering.

My mom was in LA visiting me so I ran downstairs to let her know and she was as you can expect very devastated. I do not come from money, at all, and typically I would be the person to step up to the plate to help.

But, as a performer who’s just recovering from the pandemic and the union strike myself there’s only so much I can do so. I have helped where I can, but I can’t get the entire family back on their feet at this moment as I’m transitional period myself.

I said I wasn’t going to start a GoFundMe, but I listen to you guys and so many of you said you’d prefer to do it this way than to buy merchandise or order cameos so I’m putting this here in the event that this is your preferred way of contributing.

At first we thought that it was just part of the home, the living room and kitchen and that maybe it could be fixed, but upon inspection and going into the home it turns out the entire home is unlivable.

At the time of this post, Todrick Hall’s GoFundMe campaign has raised over $10,300 to aid his family after the fire.

However, Todrick also came under fire (no pun intended) after some questioned why he couldn’t reach down in his Lululemon bag and give his family the $10,000 they needed. 

Then, all hell broke loose after Todrick, who recently celebrated his birthday with a huge birthday party days later.

He began to receive online attacks, hateful messages, and DMs prompting him to address the shindig. 

According to Todrick Hall, his birthday celebration was fully sponsored and the event was planned by someone close to him who wanted to celebrate him and lift his spirits. 

See his original posts below. 


It’s unfortunate Todrick Hall had to endure the scrutiny and hateful remarks regarding the GoFundMe and his party.

Unfortunately, it’s the risk you take when you let the internet into your personal life.

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