“Power Book III: Raising Kanan” Season 2 Episode 2

The streets of social media are ringing off about “Raising Kanan” Season 2 Episode 2, which aired on Sunday (August 21).

The episode, titled, “Mind Your Business,” welcomed new faces and said goodbye to others.

Raq continues to multitask as she makes moves to dismantle Unique’s squad to strengthen her power while trying to stay one step ahead of Detective Howard.

Omar Epps as Detective Howard - Raising Kanan Season 2

Detective Howard is fully aware that Kanan shot him and he is determined to let Kanan know that he’s his father.

But, first, he has to steer the NYPD clear of figuring out Kanan was the triggerman.

After getting singed in Season 1, Lou Lou’s heart just ain’t in the game like it once was.

His focus is on music (especially his new artist) and Raq is getting frustrated with his lack of motivation and dedication to making her the Queen of South Jamaica, Queens.

Marvin’s ambition is unwavering, but his anger management classes are cramping his style. However, my spidey senses are telling me it’s only a matter of time before he’s knocking boots with the therapist.

London Brown as Marvin Thomas

Jukebox, who still has no interest in mending her relationship with her dad, has now set her sights set on finding her mother.

With the help of Officer Burke, Jukebox gets her mother’s address.

That’s when we got a first look at LeToya Luckett, who is playing the role of Jukebox’s mother, Kenya.

Omar J. Dorsey Cartier “Duns” Fareed - Raising Kanan Season 2

We were also introduced to Omar J. Dorsey, who is portraying Cartier “Duns” Fareed, who is handsome, charismatic, overflowing with confidence, and sucks up all of the oxygen in any room he steps in. 

And that’s exactly what he did when he popped up at the studio with Lou Lou’s new artist and threw a monkey wrench into Lou’s plans of signing her. 

Unique is fresh out of the pokey and he’s in the cold with a thin sweater.

He’s still one of the main suspects in the Detective Howard shooting, his suppliers have dried up, and his right-hand man, Worrell, has switched teams and is now down with Raq.

Jess gets an amazing opportunity on the west coast and says goodbye to Queens.

Then, there’s Scrappy, who is a prime example of how you can give your blood, sweat, and eyes to a job and they will still get rid of you!

‘Raising Kanan’ Cast

Power Book III: Raising Kanan” Season 2 stars Patina Miller as “Raquel Thomas,” Mekai Curtis as “Kanan Stark,” Hailey Kilgore as “Jukebox,” Joey Bada$$ as “Unique,” Malcolm Mays as “Lou Lou,” London Brown as “Marvin Thomas,” Natalee Linez as “Jessica Figueroa, Omar Epps as “Detective Howard,” Ade Chile Torbert as “Scrappy,” LeToya Luckett as “Kenya,” Omar Dorsey as “Cartier “Duns” Fareed,” and Toby Sandeman as “Symphony Bosket.”

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When Does “Raising Kanan” Come On?

Power Book III: Raising Kanan” airs every Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST on Starz.

New episodes are released on-demand at midnight.

Watch the first look at Episode 3, titled “Sleeping Dogs,” below.