Power Book III: Raising Kanan” star Malcolm Mays recently stopped by “The Breakfast Club” for a very candid convo. 

The actor and filmmaker surprisingly revealed he didn’t want to role of “Lou-Lou” because he “didn’t f**k with Power.” 

Malcolm shared he didn’t like “Power” and didn’t make it past five minutes of the first episode. 

These kids don’t look like these parents…WTF?!

Somebody killing somebody in the back of the club – this don’t make no sense to me!

I’m a real street n***a, so I’m like, ‘This doesn’t add up. I’m good.’

Malcolm goes on to share how 50 Cent forced him to watch the full episode and he told him: 

N***a, I do not like this sh*t! It is soap opera-ey. I’m like an art n***a. 

However, he did admit:

I know n***as gone like it because my grandmother used to love stories and this basically was stories with drugs and sex, which is brilliant on behalf of Courtney [Kemp].

This is a nighttime soap with violence and nipples.

I knew this was going to work. It just wasn’t my personal sh*t.

So fast forward…”Power” wraps and now the spinoffs are announced. 

Malcolm’s new agency approached him about auditioning for “Raising Kanan.”

He reluctantly did the audition and received a callback almost immediately. 

Malcolm was still hesitant about taking the role, but said once he found out Patina Miller (who stars as Raquel) was a part of the show – he was all in!

I saw Patina Miller on Broadway and I was like, ‘This woman is amazing!’ 

This gotta be different if she’s doing it. 

I live for interviews when the guest is keeping it raw and uncut. 

Malcolm Mays is thorough and this interview was very insightful into who he is.

I especially enjoyed him talking about his special relationship with the late John Singleton

Watch the full interview below. He talks about “Raising Kanan” at the 26:25 mark.