Spice celebrated the one-year anniversary of surviving her horrific health crisis with a “Heaven On Earth” themed party. 


The Queen of Dancehall, whose real name is Grace Hamilton, asked her guests to attend wearing all white to signify purity and blessings. 

You may recall that last year, Spice went to the Dominican Republic for cosmetic surgery and suffered a damaged hernia that sent her body into sepsis. 

Sepsis, also commonly known as “blood poisoning,” is typically caused by a bacterial infection and it was causing Spice’s organs to shut down.

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While addressing those who joined her for her celebration, Spice shared a powerful testimony about how God saved her life. 

She shared how doctors had called her sister and told her to come to say her goodbyes because they were not expecting Spice to make it. 

My sister was on my record as my emergency contact and the doctor called and said, ‘You need to come quick. Come and say goodbye to your sister because she ain’t gonna make it.’

But, when man say words – that’s not what God said!

Spice shared that she had become so sick that she was vomiting feces and her organs were failing.

I was dying. I didn’t know that I was dying. When my large intestines leaked out inside of me what I was vomiting was feces.

And it sent my body into a sepsis shock. And the sepsis started attacking my lungs and I was on a breathing machine because I couldn’t breathe on my own.

And it started attacking all the organs inside of my body so it started failing. And it was only the grace of God…why I am standing here tonight.

So, this event that I’m doing is to celebrate Jesus tonight. 

Watch below as Spice shares her powerful testimony.

God is so good and I pray Spice moves forward in the world as a reflection of God’s grace and mercy. 

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