Rachael Kirkconnell recently took to social media to speak out on her “Bachelor” controversy and encourage those that said she didn’t do anything wrong to seek antiracism resources.

Rachael is “The Bachelor” finalist who received backlash for attending an Antebellum party in her past, which made African American viewers give her the side-eye because she is on a show competing to marry the first black bachelor, Matt James.

Rachael posted an apology on her Instagram account letting viewers know that she is holding herself accountable for her actions.

*** my statement and apology is for the people of color that i have offended, if you do not identify as BIPOC then it is not your apology to accept. please be respectful to those who have been affected.

Many viewers believe that Matt chose Rachael to be his wife because she is the only finalist left that Matt openly admitted that he is falling in love with.

Matt also made Rachael the viewers stand-out when he took her on a fantasy shopping date complete with couture fashions and a pair of red bottom shoes.

The season has wrapped, but viewers will not be able to confirm their hypothesis until the final episode airs on Tuesday, March 10 on ABC.

Rachael recently posted an Instagram video speaking out on the controversy and sharing antiracism resources for her defenders to educate themselves.

antiracism resources / to those defending me

moving forward i will utilize my platform to amplify voices that are extremely knowledgeable in these subjects. please go to my story for IG handles, links to explain my offenses, and my link in bio for more resources which i will continue to add to. please look into these platforms and sources, this is the first step for change.

Watch Rachael’s Instagram video below:

I think it is great that Rachael is taking accountability for her actions and looking at this situation as a learning experience, but the reality is a lot of her defenders will never get it because their systemic minds will not allow them to.

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