‘Bachelor’ Matt James Apologizes To Camera Man For Hitting Him With A Golf Ball At Pro-Am Golf Event

The first Black male “Bachelor” Matt James accidentally hit a cameraman with a golf ball at a Pro-Am event in Arizona on Wednesday (February 9), and immediately apologized.

The golf ball hit the cameraman in a very sensitive area, but he accepted Matt’s apology.

After regaining feeling in his lower extremities, the camera guy said Matt’s a good guy and he knows he didn’t mean to hit him.

Matt offered to give the cameraman the golf ball he hit him with, but the offer was declined.

Why would he want the golf ball that he was hit by?…

Matt also stated that he would take the cameraman out for dinner and drinks.

Watch the videos below:

I have two questions for Matt after watching the videos.

  1. Why are you bare foot?
  2. Why are you wearing overalls?

Restrictive clothing and bare feet do not compliment a golf swing.

Hopefully, Matt James stays true to his word and puts some real work in on his golf game before he returns next year so no one else gets victimized.

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