Tyrese took to the streets of social media to publicly ask God to forgive and heal him as he prepares to go back into the world as a single man.

The actor and singer wrote, “This single life hits different especially since I could of never ever seen this coming.”

The atonement comes nearly two months after announcing he and his wife, Samantha Lee, were divorcing after four years of marriage and a beautiful baby girl.

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Tyrese wrote:

Dear God, 
With a healing heart I post this….. I am sorry for my sins and sorry for anything I’ve ever done to anyone rather I’m aware of it or not I just hope you find it in your heart to forgive me….. I have not met my BEST self yet and I know it…. I can’t wait to meet the NEW ME!!!!! This single life hits different especially since I could of never ever seen this coming…… Ever…. Back to the basics…. What’s your name? Where you from? Who yo momma nem? What you do? What’s your credit score? Jesus or Nah? Lol  #TheVibes

See the original post below:

May I suggest Tyrese meets the “new him” before he meets his “new boo?”

Do you have any dating advice for him?


  1. Why worry about the next when you can reconcile with your wife?

    Is it really that bad?

    Have you sought the Lord to restore your marriage and a godly marital counselor before calling it quits?

    You don’t know what issues you will encounter when moving on and dating someone else less own another marriage. Trouble will knock on your door so IJS

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