Tracy McMillan father Harold and his girlfriend Pauline passes away

Relationship expert and “Family or Fiancé” host Tracy McMillan took to social media on Monday to share that both of her “main parents” died over the weekend.

Tracy’s father, Harold, passed away on Saturday morning, and his longtime girlfriend, Pauline, passed away on Sunday.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, Tracy McMillian shared:

So, I got the call Saturday morning that my dad had passed. 

We were in New York for like a family gathering…Bob’s family.

Which was actually like a really really good safe and supportive place for me to be. 

A family that my dad can’t take me out of. 

And then we got home. And I got a call that Pauline, my dad’s longtime girlfriend, who raised me from the ages of 8 to 18 had died earlier yesterday…Sunday morning. 

So these two people…the two kind of most complicated parent figures in my life died within 24 hours of each other. 

And I am stunned. I don’t know how to make sense out of it. 

But, what I want you to know is that I am okay. I can feel that. 

And I don’t know why it’s happening like this. And I want to memorialize them. 

But, I do think that ultimately it’s all about setting me free. Maybe all at once. 

See Tracy McMillan’s original post/video below.

Tracy followed up on her plan to memorialize her parents with a second post on her Instagram page, where she shared a little more information about her father, Harold, and his girlfriend, Pauline.

She also shed a little bit of light on her complicated relationship with them.

Both of my main parents died this weekend. I want to tell you more about Harold and Pauline — of all of my parents (and there are at least five, but also none at all) these two were the most important — but right now I am in the moment.

I am absorbing the impact of what has just happened. I am taking a nap. I am doing laundry. I am going to the grocery store. I am grounding myself in the life I have created for myself. I am knowing that I cannot process anything more quickly than god’s time.

Also: I am okay! Deeply and truly and profoundly okay. I trust how life unfolds. I TRUST IT 100%.

This is the only picture I have of all three of us. It was taken in the summer of 1973, when my dad got out of prison and I went to live with him and Pauline.

I would stay with her for the next ten years. It was… intense. And not great. But there were good times. And there were gifts.

It’s pretty clear (and getting clearer!) that I created a show called “UnPrisoned” to set myself free. And now Harold and Pauline are helping me do that — ALL AT ONCE.

I will always be grateful for everything they gave me. And forgive them everything they couldn’t. ❤️

See Tracy McMillan’s original post below.

Prior to her father’s passing, Tracy McMillan did share that her dad was very sick and she was told that he was on the decline.

Tracy’s forthcoming comedy series, “UnPrisoned,” inspired by her life, is about a messy but perfectionist relationship therapist and single mom (Kerry Washington) whose life is turned right-side-up when her dad (Delroy Lindo) gets out of prison and moves in with her and her teenage son.

The series is slated to stream exclusively on Hulu on March 10.

I extend my sincerest condolences and prayers to Tracy as she processes the passing of her main parents.

And I truly hope that she is set free.

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