Plies Chimes In On Brittney Griner’s Release & Paul Whelan Being Left Behind

Plies recently took to his Instagram to express how happy he is for Brittney Griner and how disappointed his cousin is that Paul Whelan was left behind.

Plies captioned his post:

Acting Like U Team Paul Just So U Can Lowkey Hate On Somebody Else!!! Why Can’t U Be Happy Twice???? ??‍♂️ Bih U Know Paul???? ??? #Plies #Pearly?

News of Brittney Griner’s release in exchange for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout (aka The Merchant of Death) hit the news cycle this morning (December 8), and it has been a hot topic on numerous news and sports outlets.

Brittney Griner will fly home today after being detained in Russia since February, and she will be checked out at a hospital before reuniting with her family.

Paul Whelan, an ex-marine and corporate security executive from Michigan, was arrested in 2020 on espionage (spying) charges and sentenced to 16 years.

Paul was originally a part of a two-for-one swap between the U.S. and Russia, but for reasons unknown, only Brittney Griner was released.

Brittney Griner and her wife Cherelle Griner have vowed to “remain committed” to helping to bring home every American, including Paul.

Plies’ logic is that we need to celebrate Brittney’s release now and celebrate Paul when he comes home.

See Plies original IG post below:

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