Cherelle Griner called out the U.S. government and President Joe Biden for not taking an active role in getting Brittney Griner (BG) back on U.S. soil.

Cherelle interviewed with CNN on Thursday, the eve of BG’s trial start date in Russia (July 1).

She said she feels the maximum amount of effort is not being taken to bring BG home because “the rhetoric and the actions don’t match.”

She said BG called the U.S. embassy 11 times and her phone calls went unanswered.

I don’t think the maximum amount of effort is being done because again the rhetoric and the action don’t match.

When you have a situation where BG can call our government, the embassy, 11 times and that phone call don’t get answered.

You don’t have my trust at that time until I see actions that are in BG’s best interest.

Cherelle, recently graduated from law school, and she said she wants to meet with President Biden because she’s been told that he will be the person to make that decision for BG to come home.

The most beneficial thing that I’ve been told is that, you know, you meet with President Biden. 

You know, he has that power, he is the person, you know, that ultimately will make that decision for BG to come home.

And so while everyone else wants to tell me they care, I would love for him to tell me he cares.

Cherelle said she wants to humanize BG to President Biden because BG voted for the first time for him, and she made the conscious decision to trust in his administration.

Watch the CNN interview below:

Hopefully, Cherelle Griner gets that interview with President Biden soon.