Today Kobe Bean Bryant would have been 42-years-old, and his memory will live on forever in the hearts of basketball fans worldwide.

Kobe Bryant has always been one of my favorite players even though I was never a LAKERS fan.

We share the same last name and I often wished that we shared the same basketball skill set.

Kobe is the second best basketball player I’ve seen in my lifetime. The only basketball player that I rate better than Kobe is Michael Jordan.

The video below was extremely hard to watch given Kobe and daughter GiGi’s untimely death, but in death, we are left with memories so why not reminisce on the great memories that Kobe left us.

Happy Birthday Kobe! May you and GiGi rest easy. Mamba mentality forever!

If you were a Kobe fan please let us know what Kobe meant to you.