Erykah Badu calls Blueface trash (1)

Erykah Badu took to the streets of Instagram and called Blueface “trash.”

The “Disrespectful” rapper brought attention to himself when he took to Instagram and posted photos and video clips from what appears to be a music video with four pregnant women.

Following the shoot, Blueface gave each woman $1,200.

See the original post below.

One person ate Blueface up in the comment writing:

You really a sasssy ni**aaa!! You got some nerve being around pregnant females when you ain’t take care of ur first one, and now you can’t be there for your second one.
It’s not just about being there when the baby arrives, you supposed to be there for those 9 months too!
Everything that girl feel so do your baby … Not only that you confidently said that you ain’t been with your kids for more than 24 hours like huh?
You have a childish a** mindset, only reason you still something hot cause YOU CHRISEAN BABY FATHER!!!
Your songs just as bad as ya parenting!
I can’t wait til she really stop giving a fucccc abt you cause that’s when you’ll really go crazy and we’ll see who TF LAUGHING!
eating gif

She ate Blueface right on up!

Erykah Badu saw the distasteful video and took to her Instagram Story to call on the universe to “do your thing” in regard to the rapper.

See her original post below.

Erykah Badu calls Blueface trash

While Blueface was playing prenatal games with other women, Chrisean Rock was shooting her maternity photos with the help of Angela White.

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