Peter Thomas releases video statement admitting to tax evasion. (via Instagram)

Peter Thomas took to social media on Tuesday (June 25) suited and booted and admitted to tax evasion. 

The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and ex-husband of Cynthia Bailey took accountability for failing to pay Uncle Sam and his IRS goons.

Peter began by saying, “I’ve did some wrong that I have to make right. I have to stand up, I have to be accountable, I have to be responsible and I have to pay my debt.”

He went on to admit how he lost control of his tax debt:

From one struggling business to the next, I failed to pay my withholding taxes on time.

And at some point, when the business wasn’t doing well, failed to pay at all.

It’s something that I thought I could work out, catch up with, make whole.

But then the hole got deeper for me.

In 2022, Radar Online reported Peter Thomas was hit with a massive federal tax lien for failing to make 10 payments totaling $450,399.52 for his former restaurant, Uptown Restaurant & Lounge

Peter was later hit with a $9 million judgment for unpaid rent for his Miami business, Bar One. 

In closing, Mr. Thomas said: 

I deeply regret, deeply, and I’m saying this with all sincerity, I deeply regret [not making] the IRS withholding taxes a priority in my life.

With no excuses because there is none.

It’s the law. And I’m finding out a lot about that law lately.

Watch Peter’s video statement below.

This is giving…I will make a public statement admitting my wrongdoing and encourage others not to rob Uncle Sam for some type of leniency, your honor.

Pay your taxes.

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