Mindy Kaling baby bump (via Instagram)

When Lil Wayne said, “Real Gs move in silence…like lasagna,” he was referring to Mindy Kaling.

The actress took to social media on Monday (her 45th birthday) and announced she welcomed her third child, a baby girl, in February. 

In late February I gave birth to my daughter, Anne. She’s the best birthday present I could’ve ever imagined.

When things are hard, whenever I veer towards cynicism, my three kids are such a great reminder of the pure joy in my life.

I’m so lucky I live in a place where I could do this by myself, on my own timeline.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

In a photo carousel, Mindy shared a photo of her three kiddos, a baby bump photo, and a photo of her kiddos sitting on her hospital bed on delivery day.

Mindy Kaling puts the “Private” in private life. 

No one knows if she’s married, boo’d up, or has a homie lover friend she likes to procreate with. 

In her Instagram post, she made it very clear that she’s in a place where “I could do this by myself, on my own timeline.”


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