Lil Scrappy
Lil Scrappy via Instagram

Lil Scrappy is willing and ready to fight Diddy – on sight – after seeing the horrific video of him assaulting Cassie.

The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star was riled up in an online video after a blog put him on blast for supporting Diddy.

When Diddy posted “time tells truth” via Instagram, Lil Scrappy commented, “Live out the lie.” 

He must have forgotten about that comment because he is vehemently denying ever supporting Diddy or saying Cassie was lying about being assaulted and mistreated.

Y’all know I ain’t on that sucker s—! 

The rapper and reality TV star went as far as saying he’s willing to tussle with Diddy if they ever crossed paths.

Cause if that n— Diddy walked past me right now I’d take the fade with him…just cause.

Just cause…just straight up.

I’d take the fade with cuh.

I don’t care about no apology and all that! 

Lil Scrappy via Instagram

Lil Scrappy went on to say that the way Diddy beat Cassie in that video indicates it wasn’t the first time he has done that.

The way he did shawty. That was foul, my n—!

That was some real b— s—! And you can tell he was doing that s— for a long time. 

Scrap said he is a father to daughters and he’s willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for them and his sisters!

Watch the full video below.

On the other side of reality TV, former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Peter Thomas took to social media and accepted Diddy’s “disingenuous words” quicker than his alleged victims.

Peter wrote:

Yo Bro, we all have f— up days, we all did f— up things, we’re not perfect my brother, for the fact that you can face the world, (not that you have a choice).

I am ok with your statement, you have a lot of resources, please put it to used, start a Progam that will help woman that is going through domestic abuse and have no where to run, this is your chance to really make a difference, do it in the make of your family my brother, GOD have bless you in abundance, turn to him and not the devil.

You hide this from the world, if it didn’t come out you wouldn’t be doing what you are doing right now, this is rock bottom, Jesus Christ gave his life so we could all be forgiven for our Sins and we could start a new, my brother start a new and make it impactful. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

See the original post below.

You may remember Peter was accused of assaulting Tammy Rivera‘s niece but was later found not guilty of second-degree assault in Baltimore Circuit Court.

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