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Omarion Talks Dating 3 Women At The Same Time

Omarion talks dating, polyamory on Club Shay Shay (1)

Omarion may have branded himself as the “King of Unbothered,” but he’s seemingly looking to become the “Prince of Polyamory.”

In a recent interview with Shannon Sharpe, the “Post To Be” singer talks about dating and relationships.

Omarion began by declaring he is single and when Unc asked him about finding the “perfect” or ideal woman (if there is such a thing), O stated, “Well, um…she finds me.”

He went on to explain that it’s been a while since he was in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. 

But, he firmly believes a “private life is a happy life.”

Omarion continued on to say that it may be “she’s” (multiple women) who find him. 

If I really thought about my lifestyle and being with me like the pressure of being with me and it just being one woman…I don’t know if that is it.

I don’t come from a traditional standpoint.

I feel like I’ve definitely tried the traditional way and I don’t know if that’s for me.

The 38-year-old father of two was honest when he shared that he doesn’t believe monogamy is “natural.”

I think that you can find someone that makes you feel like you don’t want to be with anyone else.

There might a woman out there that can fill that void.

But, if we’re talking just strictly nature…no. 

Watch the clip of Omarion and Shannon Sharpe talking about relationships, monogamy, and more below.

You may recall that Omarion has a new ALLBLK series, “Involved,” that is loosely based on his life. 

He stars in the forthcoming series as a boyband superstar who is in a throuple. 

If Omarion is single and ready to mingle with more than one woman, he should give ole girl from “Dr. Phil” a chance at love.

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