Lil Fizz issued a publicly apology to Omarion for doing “some snake ass sh*t” by carrying on a very publicly and messy relationship with Apryl Jones.

The apology went down on stage in front of thousands of fans during Omarion’s set on The Millennium Tour.

Fizz, who was placed in an ice box where Omarion’s friendship used to be, confessed:

I did some f**ked up sh*t to my brother.

Some snake ass sh*t.

I’m not proud of it, man.

So, I want to say here, publicly, I sincerely apologize to you for any type of dysfunction I caused you and your family.

Watch the apology clip below.

Apryl Jones, who has two children with Omarion, began dating Lil Fizz in 2019.

They proudly flaunted their relationship online and even appeared on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” season 6 together.

You may recall, Apryl said Fizz was an angel sent into her life by God and he is “deserving of her p***y.”

Throughout Apryl and Fizz’s shenanigans, Omarion remained the King of Unbothered.

He spoke on his ex’s relationship saying:

I don’t feel no ways. I don’t feel any way about it. 

I think that if they’re happy – then they should be happy. 

I think that they should change the narrative. Because what they’re doing…well, first of all let me say she’s still the mother of my children. 

It doesn’t matter – or should I say when something affects her – it affects my kids…and that affects me. That affects me – my kids!

As expected, the relationship between Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz fizzled in less than 8 months.

Listen, realizing you put hoes over bros and now you’re sitting at home on the couch watching reruns when you could have been on one of the biggest tours of the year will humble you real quick!

I wonder how Apryl feels about the apology…

Your thoughts?