NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated Wednesday that NY will receive its first shipment of coronavirus vaccine (170,000 doses) as soon as this weekend.

Nursing home residents, staff and high-risk health care workers will be the first to receive the vaccine.

The shipment will contain 170,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, and it will be distributed across the state based on the number of nursing home residents and associated health workers in each borough.

Before the vaccine can be distributed the Food and Drug Administration must grant emergency approval for the vaccine, which is projected to happen on Thursday.

New York City is slated to receive 72,000 doses, Long Island will receive 28,500 doses, the Mid-Hudson Valley will receive 19,200 doses, Western New York will receive 14,500 doses, and most other regions will receive less than 10,000 doses each.

Something about that distribution list seems a little suspect.

There are 90 distribution centers set up across the state where the vaccine will be stored at the required subzero temperatures before being shipped to nursing homes and hospitals.

A team of New York health experts will validate the effectiveness of the vaccine once the FDA gives approval.

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