Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines were administered to over 100 children as young as twelve-years-old last week at a Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Robert Frenck, the lead doctor on the COVID-19 vaccination trials at the hospital, stated:

Now we are pausing to watch for reactions to the vaccine. We right now are in a planned pause to make sure that everything is as safe as it can be.

Dr. Frenck understands that people maybe nervous about children receiving an experimental vaccine, but he feels confident because the vaccine has been tested in tens of thousands of adults.

The reason we can use this vaccine in children is that Pfizer has 30,000 adults who have been enrolled and it has safety data from all those people.

There is no way I would let my twelve-year-old daughter take an experimental vaccine no matter how many adults have been tested or the amount of money offered.

Dr. Frenck believes it is important to remind the world that children are silent spreaders of the virus, and to protect them against coronavirus the trials are needed.

I think the important thing people need to remember is that while adolescents aren’t getting as sick as older adults are, it doesn’t mean that some kids aren’t getting sick and some kids aren’t dying. We have had 120 kids in the US die from Covid so far.

Watch video below of Dr. Frenck talking about the adolescent trials:

Pfizer’s vaccine does not use any active virus, and only 50% of the volunteers in the third and final phase of the Pfizer vaccinations receive the real shot the other 50% receive placebo, or dummy shot.

The side effects that doctors are watching for are fever, aches, lumps, and redness or pain at the site of the injection.

The vaccine stimulates the body to make antibodies against the spike protein — the structure the virus uses to attach to the cells it attacks.

Many volunteers have reported aches but the doctors believe that is a sign of the body building its immune response.

The doctors are encouraged because none of the 400 adult volunteers in the Cincinnati vaccine trials missed work due to side effects.

I find it hard to trust a vaccine for a virus that has not been properly researched, studied, and analyzed, but that’s my personal opinion.

Would you take a government approved COVID-19 vaccine?

Source: CNN