This morning, the FDA granted full approval of the Pfizer vaccine for those ages 16 and older.

This approval is considered to be a breakthrough in the push for vaccines because it is the first brand to receive approval amongst the emergency  use authorization given to the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Reportedly, as of this morning, over 200 million people have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine, but 80 million Americans remain unvaccinated.

A recent poll indicates that 31% of Americans said they would get vaccinated if the vaccine was fully approved by the FDA.

Now it’s time for those people to walk it like they talk it.

The FDA approval is based on six months of safety data from a majority of volunteers.

Watch the GMA report below:

I’m sure Pfizer stock holders are happy about this FDA approval.

Do you think the FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine will encourage more Americans to get vaccinated?