Rapper NLE Choppa Speaks About The Impact Of His Mom's Words During The Lowest Point Of His Career

Rapper NLE Choppa recently shared how his mom’s words pulled him out of the lowest point of his career.

During a recent visit to the “My Expert Opinion” podcast, NLE Choppa said during the time in his life when he had everything he wanted, a year after his career blew up (2020), he was at his lowest mentally.

I remember, like ah, being at my lows, and, um, it was, like, when I had everything I wanted.

I was like, ah, 17. This was like a year after I blew up.

Quarantine, 2020, and, um, I was at my lowest.

And I had everything I wanted. I had money, jewelry, cars, clothes… women, but the thing that was crumbling in my life was everything personal.

Like, uh, my well-being, my mental, um, relationship with my mama I was rude as hell!

Like, you know, it should never be to the point to where me and my mama we cussing each other out like we ****** in the street.

You know, so it got to that point, and I blame it a lot on, like, drug usage.

And, like, um… like, just being around wrong people.

And all of these things, and, um, I just said a real deep prayer one night, cause I knew I was going down the wrong path.

The last thing my mama told me, she was like, ‘You know what, I’m done with you. Imma just wait on my call.’

And that f***** me up, you know… If you know what wait on my call mean.

Like, you know what I’m saying, Imma just wait on that call, and it f***** me up, and it left me something to think about.

And, I just said a real deep prayer, man, and, um, after that, I found, like,  meditation, like, the next morning… I started meditating, and it was the first time I ever felt, like, peace in my life.

It’s like, the only time I felt like I took a break from the world that came back to the source of just what was on the inside of me, and what God put on me.

And after that, you know, I went vegan, stop doing drugs, I stopped hanging around 30 ****** , you know what I’m saying?…

And, um, I became the respectful, the right being I was supposed to be, that she was always molding me into.

And that goes back to parenting. It was nothing that my mama could have said or could’ve showed me that would’ve made me get to that point unless I look myself in the mirror and said I’m making a change.

Watch the video clip of the NLE Choppa interview from the “My Expert Opinion” podcast below:

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