Blueface Arrested In Las Vegas On Robbery Charges 2023

Welp. It looks like the universe listened to Erykah Badu and did its thing because Blueface was arrested on Wednesday in Las Vegas on new robbery charges.

The controversial rapper showed up in court for a preliminary hearing in his attempted murder case stemming from an October 8th incident.

But, to his surprise, Blueface was hit with a new felony for robbery and taken into custody.

The details surrounding his new charges have not been disclosed, but the arrest comes just days after Erykah Badu called Blueface trash and told the universe to “do your thing.” 

Chrisean Rock, who has been through hell and high water with the rapper and is now carrying his baby, took to social media to react to the news of his arrest. 

The mommy-to-be wrote:

If he wanna go out his way to troll me n his unborn kid that’s his karma but if anything happen to that man idc how much bad he wished on me or s**tted on me.

I don’t wish jail or death on anybody fr.

Obviously, I distant myself because nobody deserves to be treated like that.

See Chrisean’s original tweet below. 

It appears Blueface has been released from jail and was picked up by his other baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis, who appears to be down for whatever.

I pray Chrisean Rock continues to protect her peace and stay mentally and physically healthy.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Twitter, Erykah Badu is trending as people request she commands the universe to do its thing on their behalf.

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