Meagan Good Says She Did Not Bang On NLE Choppa Her Phone Got Disconnected

Meagan Good recently clarified that she didn’t telephone bang on rapper NLE Choppa when he tried to shoot his shot at her during an interview.

Watch the clip of the NLE Choppa interview from “Hollywood Unlock” below:

Meagan said her mom called her, and the phone disconnected, but she called back and talked to NLE Choppa.

She said NLE is very sweet and respectful, but he is too young for her.

Meagan said she felt sad that people were trying to drag him on the internet and calling him a simp when they thought she hung up on him.

No, It got disconnected.

My mom called, and then I called back because he was a very sweet young man.

It makes me sad that people were, like, trying to drag him and make it seem like he was simping.

No, he was very, very, sweet, very, very, respectful, and I did call back.

I did not play the hell out of him.

Salute to NLE Choppa for shooting his shot during a live interview.

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Source: TMZ

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