Nikkita Brown is speaking out after being assaulted by a Chicago police officer while walking her dog on the beach.

In the video footage, you see the officer approach Nikkita Brown and she tells him to please respect her space because of COVID.

The unmasked officer doesn’t listen, and he starts following her, shooing her away with his hands, as she heads for an exit.

She then stops and turns around, and the officer attacks her.

When he see me stop and turn around, it’s because this man, big man, taller than me, larger than me, is literally five feet away from me.

I feel him on me.

She said she took her phone out to look and see who she could call for help.

The officer aggressively grabs for her phone, and a tussle ensues.

He slangs her around attempting to get her phone.

The phone eventually falls to the ground, the officer gets a hold of her and they appear to exchange words, they separate, and Nikkita walks away.

Chicago authorities are investigating the video footage, and the officer was placed on desk duty.

Brown’s attorney, Keenan J. Saulter, wants the officer removed from the force.

Watch the video below:

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