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Nicki Minaj & Yung Miami ‘Get Into Some Things’ Over Catchphrase

Nicki Minai-Yung Miami

Nicki Minaj slid into the streets of Twitter on Wednesday and called out Yung Miami for “borrowing” a catchphrase she claims was made popular on “Queen Radio.”

The reindeer games began after Yung Miami promoted her forthcoming interview with Summer Walker on her Revolt TV show, “Caresha Please.”

In the promo Tweet, the City Girls rapper wrote:

Summeeeeeerrrrrrrr!!!!! 🤭 When I tell you me and @summerwalker got into some thingsss lol literally one of my favorite episodes so far!!! #CareshaPlease is back, TOMORROW Thursday at 8PM EST only on @REVOLTTV💨💨💨

See Yung Miami’s original tweet below.

Nicki Minaj apparently took issue with the use of the catchphrase

Hits @Diddy to advise him that a young lady on a show that appears on his network seems to have “borrowed” a very popular #QueenRadio catch phrase* Puff, who representing u these days chile? I got my shit drafted in my HEAD B!CH @YungMiami305 🫠 talkin bout u got into some… Show more

Caresha responded and tried to get to the real root of the problem.

Nicki @NICKIMINAJ what‘s really the problem??? 🤔 cause I definitely didn’t get that from you LOL 😂 “let’s get into some thing Chile” actually is a gay slang Lmaooooo

Nicki continued the back-and-forth writing:

Caresha now you know damn well 🥴😂😂😂😂😂😂 “gay slang” is the first go-to nowadays. Let’s discuss it on #QueenRadio chile. If not, I’m hittin Puff right now. You know he used to manage me right? Now it’s my man my man my man 😂 Puff what up? Hit my line chi 🤳 @Diddy

The Queen of the Barbs took it a step further by posting a poll on her Twitter feed.

See the full exchange and tweets below.

It sounds like Nicki Minaj simply wants Yung Miami as a guest on “Queen Radio” or she’s vying for an interview on “Caresha Please.”

The verdict is still out on whether this lil exchange was just jokey jokes or something more.

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