Nevada police departments will pay Shane Lee Brown $90,000 for mistaking him for felon Shane Neal Brown.

Shane Lee Brown was stopped by Henderson police in January 2020 for not having his headlights on. 

He was 23 years old at the time and a father of two.

When the officers asked him for his license he told them that he had lost his wallet and license, and he informed them that he had outstanding traffic tickets that he was scheduled to take care of in court the next morning.

The officers ran his name and a felony warrant for a weapons charge with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department came back.

The officers questioned Shane about the warrant.

You got arrested for something with a weapon in Metro, at least that is what they are saying.

Shane replied, “No, wrong guy,” and he pleaded with the officers to double-check.

I’m not a felon, I didn’t commit a felony… Hey, can you double-check?

Despite being unsure if they had the right guy, the Henderson police took him to jail. 

Shane was in jail for a total of six days, and he was transferred from Henderson to Las Vegas Metropolitan.

It took six days for two police departments to realize Shane Lee Brown was not a 51-year-old White man.

Shane’s lawyer E. Brent Bryson argued, “Liability, in this case, is black and white, literally black and white.”

Attorney Bryson said the $90k that Shane will receive is close to the max in the state of Nevada.

In Nevada, for negligence, when you sue a governmental entity, there is a statutory cap of $100,000.

Henderson Police Department will pay $25k and Las Vegas Metropolitan will pay $65k.

Now 25 years old, Shane said the experience was traumatizing and he only drives when “it is absolutely necessary.”

Watch the news report and body camera footage below:

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Source: FOX 5 Vegas