What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, but Fabolous couldn’t resist sharing his wild experience.

The Brooklyn rapper took to Instagram on Saturday with a storytime about how a stranger fell asleep on him in a Las Vegas nightclub.

Fab shared a video of the woman, who was either dead asleep or completely passed out on his shoulder along with the caption:

I know what happens in Vegas suppose to stay in Vegas but this was a very rare experience for me so i gotta share my story ????

BOOM ????????.. so we sitting in the After Hours & there was very little room on the couch i was sitting on… but this girl ????????came & rushed to sit down in this very tight space on the couch like she was running back ???? hitting a hole!!

I thought her feet ????was hurting & she couldnt stand up no more, So even tho i didn’t know this girl & it was tight, i scooted over a little bit…

A few minutes later… I feel something heavy on my shoulder. I thought she was playing or showing how tired she was (even tho she don’t know me) but when i looked over she was sleep ???? ????

I mean knocked out cold ???? I mean a dead body ⚰️ I mean a coma ???? I mean she was Lean’ing On Me like I was Joe Clark & her head was heavy as fuck????????????????

But yeah, don’t know who this girl is but Im cool being a shoulder yall can lean on when yall need me ???? These shoulders can be your pillow.. NO DROOLING THO ????????

@ somebody who’s fell asleep in the club wit you if you gangsta ????

#SheWasNotOnTheUpSide ???? ????

See his original post along with the video below.

In the year of our Lord 2022, Fabolous was smart to document this before he woke up to a random lawsuit on Monday accusing him of misconduct.

Many years ago, I had a man fall asleep on me like this on public transportation – it was the worst!

Have you ever experienced something like this?