Boosie spazzed on some cops in Georgia after they cuffed him for finding bags of weed in his vehicle.

The video shows Boosie getting out of the passenger side of a black Cadillac SUV.

Cops also cuffed the 19-year-old  driver, De’Shun Lawrence, and walks them over in front of their police vehicles.

Then, a cop asks Boosie if there is marijuana or any other drugs in the car.

Boosie responds, “Nah bruh! I was smoking a blunt bruh… like I… like…”

The cop appears to notice that Boosie is getting agitated and he tells him, “Okay, you’re good. I got you. You’re honest with me I’m honest with you, okay?”

Boosie says he doesn’t do anything wrong, and he can’t keep going through this.

The cop tells him you have to understand marijuana is illegal in the state of Georgia.

As the cop walks away Boosie spazzes out, he starts ranting about pressing harassment charges, fighting inmates if he gets arrested, spitting on nurses in jail, being targeted because he’s black, and having 35 women at his house performing sex acts.

Throughout Boosie’s rant, De’Shun remains calm, laughing occasionally at some of the stuff Boosie is saying.

The cops return and tell Boosie and De’Shun he’s going to let them go with a citation for the bags of weed they found.

Boosie is visibly relieved, but as he’s being uncuffed he tells the cops he’s going to file charges.

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Source: TMZ