Deleila Piasko as Lisa Fittko, Ralph Amoussou as Paul Kandjo, Lucas Englander as Albert Hirschmann, Gillian Jacobs as Mary-Jayne Gold, Cory Michael Smith as Varian Fry and Amit Rahav as Thomas Lovegrove in Transatlantic
Transatlantic Key Art

Netflix has released the official trailer for the drama series, “Transatlantic.”

About The Series:

The 7-episode series is inspired by the true story of Varian Fry, Mary Jayne Gold, and the Emergency Rescue Committee. 

Risking their lives to help more than 2000 refugees escape occupied France, including many artists on the Nazis’ most-wanted list, an international gang of young superheroes and their famous charges occupy a villa at the edge of the city, where the threat of mortal danger gives way to unexpected collaborations and intense love affairs.

The ‘Transatlantic’ Cast: 

Cory Michael Smith plays VARIAN FRY, a well-married, Harvard-educated child of the establishment driven by a sense of justice and moral outrage, he witnessed the Nazi violence up close as a foreign correspondent in 1930s Berlin and has been trying to sound the alarm ever since. A lifetime of hiding his true self has prepared him well for the clandestine activities of the ERC. 

Gillian Jacobs plays MARY JAYNE GOLD, an heiress from Chicago using her trust fund to bankroll the ERC. She understands peoples’ assumptions about her and knows how to use them to her advantage. In Europe, she feels liberated—intellectually, socially, sexually – and her work with the ERC gives her a sense of agency and adventure that she never had back home. 

Lucas Englander plays ALBERT HIRSCHMAN, a German Jewish refugee fleeing Nazi persecution since 1933. By the time he reaches Marseille in 1940, he has already been a freedom fighter all over Europe. His adventurous spirit belies a hidden nihilism: after a lifetime of running, he has internalized the belief that he will never find safety or stability. Albert excels at the extraordinary, chafes at the quotidian, and loves the ladies but resists commitment. 

Deleila Piasko plays LISA FITTKO, the ERC’s real-life action hero. A rugged and relentless anti-fascist warrior who helps refugees escape on foot over the Pyrenees. A child of the Austro-Hungarian Jewish intelligentsia and a Socialist, she belives that Jews and the other oppressed people of Europe must rely on themselves to save themselves. Alpha but introverted, Lisa has trouble opening up to her colleagues and keeps many secrets. 

Ralph Amoussou plays PAUL KANDJO, West African public intellectual and political radical. Currently working as concierge at the Hotel Splendide, hiding in plain sight as he organizes armed resistance to Vichy. Easy-going in public, a meticulous master-planner behind closed doors, he sees defeating the Nazis as the first step of dismantling the colonies. His cerebral, domineering zeal makes him an excellent revolutionary leader, but a difficult brother, lover and friend. 

Amit Rahav plays THOMAS LOVEGROVE, a Kibbutz-born zionist, Thomas was helping Jews escape to Palestine until the fall of Paris when, along with so many others, he got stuck in Europe and retreated to Marseille. Now he’s moonlighting as a spy for the mysterious Margaux at the British Special Operations Executive. He opens his house to the ERC and his heart to Varian—but what are his real motives? 

Corey Stoll plays GRAHAM PATTERSON, American Consul General in Marseilles. This garrulous, ivy league-educated midwesterner is the ERC’s fiercest opponent. A staunch isolationist, like many pragmatic thinkers at this time, he sees Nazi victory as inevitable. Following the mandate of American neutrality, he’ll do whatever is necessary to keep his country out of another devastating war—even if that means condemning millions of European refugees to death. 

Grégory Montel plays PHILIPPE FROT, captain of the newly-established French National Police. An enthusiastic Fascist who loves the aesthetic as much as the ideology, he is a challenging adversary to the ERC. Rarely seen out of uniform, he is to do whatever it takes to keep France clear of criminals and degenerates—which to his mind includes Socialists, Jews, surrealists. He finds Patterson a distasteful but necessary tool to control the ERC’s illegal activities. 

Lolita Chammah plays MADEMOISELLE LETORET, Patterson’s secretary. Shrewd and sexy, her job at the American consulate serves her well as eyes and ears. It also provides her with the opportunity to subtly manipulate her boss. 

‘Transatlantic’ Premiere Date: 

April 7, 2023, only on Netflix

Watch The Trailer:

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