Chimp Empire - Netflix

Netflix has released the official trailer for the forthcoming documentary series, “Chimp Empire.” 

About The DocuSeries:

Under the lush canopies of Uganda’s Ngogo Forest dwells the largest chimpanzee society ever discovered. 

For the last 25 years, scientists and field trackers have lived alongside this tribe, watching as they built a sophisticated political and familial structure: forming alliances, building trust, caring for one another, and often going head to head in a never-ending fight for power. 

When director James Reed (My Octopus Teacher) embedded a camera crew to capture a uniquely intimate look at the chimps of Ngogo, there was no way to know that the year ahead would bring some of the most tumultuous battles and dramatic changes in the tribe’s history. 

Over the course of four unforgettable episodes – narrated by Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali – babies will grow, relationships will blossom, and leaders will rise and fall. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get up close and personal with our closest living animal relatives, and an equally rare opportunity to learn about our own human society through the mirror of these chimps and their fascinating lives.

Premiere Date:

April 19, 2023, only on Netflix

Watch The Trailer:

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