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Netflix has announced a premiere date and released the official trailer for “My Name Is Mo’Nique,” the highly anticipated stand-up comedy special from Grammy-nominated, Oscar, and Golden Globe-winning actress and comedian, Mo’Nique.

The official description of the special reads:

You think you know Mo’Nique? From staring down a racist teacher to her grandmother’s sex warning, the comedy legend spills all in this stand-up special.

The special was filmed at the Rialto Center for the Arts in Atlanta on October 29, 2022.

This is a huge victory for Mo’Nique, who filed a lawsuit against the streamer accusing them of discrimination and retaliation when their first attempt at negotiations for a comedy special went terribly sour.

The Oscar-winning actress was insulted when the streamer only offered her $500,000 for a one-hour show that Netflix would have complete control over, including owning the copyright and retaining all audio-only rights.

That was on the heels of the ginormous deals Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock secured for their comedy specials (reportedly $20 million per special.)

In an interview, Mo’Nique said, “I couldn’t accept that low offer because if I did … I couldn’t sleep at night. If I accepted $500,000, what does Tiffany Haddish have coming?”

She continued, “If I accept that, what does the Black female comedian have coming? Because what they’ll say is, ‘Mo’Nique accepted this and she’s got that.’ So what do they have coming?”

This past June, Netflix settled the lawsuit with Mo, but the details of the settlement were not disclosed.

It now appears that the comedy special she wanted all along was a part of the settlement.

Watch the announcement video below. 

Check out the official trailer below.

Congratulations to Mo for fighting the good fight and being victorious!

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