Amin Joseph, Uncle Jerome on ‘Snowfall,’: 'Monique Is My Heart'

Amin Joseph, who plays uncle Jerome Saint on the FX hit series “Snowfall,” revealed in a recent interview on “Sway’s Universe” how the comedian and actress Mo’Nique spoke life into him as a child.

After Amin gave a profound answer to a layered relationship question asked by co-host of “Sways Universe,” Tracy G, Sway started talking about his first acting experience with Countess Vaughn and how Mo’Nique helped him as a first-time actor.

Countess Vaughn, played on ‘The Parkers,’ that was one of the first cameos I ever did, Countess Vaughn, right?…

And, I didn’t know what I was doing. I remember being on set nobody gave me direction other than Mo’Nique, who called me in her dressing room and told me, ‘Baby, this is what’s going on, you got to read this, this is your part, run out and do it…’

Mo’Nique was the first person to put me on a nighttime talk show, first person to ever embrace me whenever I got a cameo.

I was just a kid having fun, and she embraced me and taught me how to do it.

I don’t even know if she realizes that part. I try to remind her anytime I see her.

As Sway shared his story, Amin Joseph chimed in to say, “You know Mo’Nique is my heart, right?”

He then went on to share his Mo’Nique story:

I don’t know if you know that I grew up in the world-famous Apollo Theater when Mo’Nique was hosting.

I was a kid, and Mo’Nique is one of the first people that pulled me from my post while I was ushering, took me upstairs, introduced me to her agent, told me ‘Young man you are a star. I’m speaking life into you now. I’m telling you right now that you’re going to make it.’

Yeah, Mo’Nique is the real deal!…

That’s the spirit mother right there!…

That’s who that is…

It’s so funny that we reconnected through a clubhouse room, and I told Mo’Nique, at the time, like, ‘Oh, Mo’Nique you know I’m doing my thing in my career is there anything, I will sweep the floor, I will hold a boom wherever you at,’ and Mo’Nique was like, ‘Just pay it forward baby. Just pay it forward baby…’

Beautiful spirit.

Watch the clip from the Amin Joseph interview from “Sway’s Universe” below:

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