NeNe Leakes is speaking out about her son Bryson Bryant’s recent arrest in an exclusive interview with Carlos King.

The 31-year-old son of the former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star was arrested on July 3 in Gwinnett County and gave officers his young brother, Brentt Leakes’ name. 

Bryson Bryant is facing several charges including possession of a scheduled II controlled substance (fentanyl), violation of probation, loitering, and giving a false name, address, or birthdate.

He is currently in Gwinnett County Jail on a $6,100 bond.

NeNe Leakes said Bryson Bryant needs rehabilitation and he needs a lot of counseling. 

She went on to say her son has an addiction and “he’s been struggling for years.”

He’s been in rehab a couple of times and he still has come back out and relapsed. 

As a mom just to watch it is…my hands are tied. 

You know he is 31 years old, he’s an adult, he has three children…three beautiful children who I adore. 

He has a wife…it’s not much that I can do. 

NeNe said Bryson “has to be ready” to fight his addiction and get clean. 

People who have had children or family members that have been on drugs they know that…they have to be ready. They have to simply be ready. 

I have spent so much money to get Bryson where he needs to be but every time I’ve sent him off it’s because I said, ‘You are getting your a** up and we are sending you off.’ 

But, I learned through counseling myself that he has to say, ‘I’m ready to go.’ Not me making him go. 

So, until Bryson is ready to make a change it’s nothing I can do. 

Watch the clip of NeNe Leakes’ convo with Carlos King below. 

Watch more of NeNe’s interview with Carlos below.

As a mother, the most difficult thing is watching your child go through something YOU can’t fix.

Sending my love and prayers to NeNe Leakes and to Bryson Bryant.

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