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25 Totally Accurate Tweets About ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Season 15 Episode 3

The-Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 15 Episode 3 - Marlo Hampton - Drew Sidora

Following “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 15 Episode 3, fans of the show took to their Twitter timelines to discuss Kandi Burruss, Marlo Hampton, and Mama Joyce.

Mama Joyce is trending after the episode revisited her shading Todd Tucker something terrible at Bravocon when she was asked to say three nice things about her son-in-law. 

She kicked it off by saying, “He’s still short!”

When they asked her what type of man would she want for her daughter, Mama Joyce responded, “I probably would’ve picked anyone that had a decent job.”

Kandi admitted during the episode that after Mama Joyce showed out at Bravocon she didn’t call her for a minute. 

She went on to say that her mother doesn’t understand that one day her grandchildren may see the way she talked about their father.

Kandi admitted, “Come on, mama. Don’t come with that bulls**t with me! I’m tired of it!”

Speaking of Kandi Burruss, she and Courtney clashed again when they both attended Drew Sidora’s guest performance at Candiace Dillard’s show at the City Winery in Atlanta. 

Drew only added logs to the fire when she attempted to tiptoe around asking Kandi about the shooting at her Blaze restaurant in Atlanta. 

Marlo Hampton appears to have taken offense and blew up at Drew because her nephew, who she lost to gun violence, used to work at one of Kandi’s restaurants. 

Read 25 Twitter reactions to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 15 Episode 3 below. 

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