It’s with great concern that I report singer Tori Kelly has been hospitalized with blood clots after she passed out during dinner with friends on Sunday night.

According to reports, the 30-year-old Grammy Award-winning recording artist was dining with friends in downtown Los Angeles when her heart started beating really fast. 

Tori passed out and was “out for a while.”

Her friends quickly loaded her into their car and rushed her to Cedars-Sinai hospital where Tori Kelly was placed in the intensive care unit.

TMZ reports doctors discovered blood clots in Tori’s legs and in her lungs. 

Doctors are still working to determine if any blood clots are around her heart. 

Tori Kelly has reportedly been in and out of consciousness during her hospital stay.

As of Tuesday, no additional details have been released regarding Tori’s condition and her fans are growing concerned. 

I first discovered Tori Kelly and her amazing voice back on Vine (some of you may remember that social media platform). 

Each day I would watch videos of her singing and I remember being so happy for her when she got a deal to share her music with the world. 

Tori Kelly’s hospitalization comes almost a week before the release of her new self-titled EP, which is slated to be released on Friday, July 28. 

Please join me in sending up a prayer for her total healing. 

Source: TMZ  

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