Ne-Yo baby mama Sade Bagnerise blasts him for freak off parties
Ne-Yo and Sade Bagnerise (via Instagram)

It appears Ne-Yo had a long night after his baby mama, Sade Bagnerise, put him on blast via Instagram Live.

The R&B star appeared to be trying to play video games as Sade aired him out for allegedly body-slamming her. 

She went on to accuse the singer of having freak-off parties, doing drugs, drinking alcohol, and having prostitutes at his house while his children were there. 

Sade Bagnerise told Ne-Yo, “Tell em about the freak offs, Diddy Jr.”

She added, “He want hoes over the house while the kids are here. You like to have hoes, drugs, and weed, alcohol, mushrooms, and prostitutes in the house while his kids are here. Everyone has asked him to stop. But, he will not listen to nobody. This is what’s going on. This is the tea.”

Ne-Yo said he was calling the police.

Watch a portion of the drama below.

You may recall that Sade Bagnerise is the woman who had a baby with Ne-Yo while he was still married to Crystal Renay

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A short time later, Sade had a second child with the singer.

She ultimately issued a public apology to Crystal Renay. 

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Welp. How you get em…

UPDATE: Sade took to her Instagram Story to address the backlash she received for putting Ne-Yo on blast.

She also noted that she was not Crystal Renay’s karma and what’s happening with Ne-Yo now is not her karma.

Crystal Renay also took to her Instagram Story to let everyone know she is opting to take the high road.


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