NBA Summer League Punch Leads To The Ejections Of Chimezie Metu & Eugene Omoruyi

The NBA Summer League got a little spicy on Sunday when Sacramento Kings forward Chimezie Metu threw a punch at Dallas Maverick Eugene Omoruyi over a hard foul.

Chimezie was going up for a dunk when Eugene pushed him to the ground with his left hand while he was in the air.

Chimezie jumped off the ground immediately and rushed over and threw a right hook, that looked like it was out of a Tyler Perry sitcom, and grazed Eugene’s face.

Eugene awkwardly jogged in the opposite direction after being punched and then he rushed Chimezie to retaliate, but his teammates held him back.

Eugene was issued a flagrant 2 foul and Chimezie was issued a punching foul, both men were ejected from the game.

Watch the video below:

Chimezie’s team, the Sacramento Kings, ended up winning the NBA Summer League game 86-70.

Source: TMZ

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