NBA Player Brandon Ingram Bites His Teammate José Calderón

For reasons unknown, NBA All-Star Brandon Ingram (BI) bit his teammate Jose Alvarado while they were on the bench.

Bite night took place on Wednesday (March 8) while the New Orleans Pelicans were hosting the Dallas Mavericks.

José, who was injured, was seated on the bench cheering on his teammates.

Brandon Ingram played half of the game before suffering a right ankle sprain. 

The video clip shows Brandon returning to the bench in street clothes.

He uses Jose Alvarado’s knee to support him as he sits down.

Then, Brandon does a little shoulder wind-up move before he grabs Jose with his right hand, pulls him in close, and bites him on his left shoulder.

Jose appears to be in pain as he pushes BI away.

Watch the Brandon Ingram bite below:

Sportscenter and ESPN reposted a clip of the bite on Instagram, originally retweeted on Twitter by Andrew Smith @DruProductions, along with the question, “Why is BI biting Jose?”

The video is weird, to say the least. And basketball fans had some pretty interesting theories about the bite.

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