Today, in “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me” news… a Greenbelt, Maryland woman returned home from vacation to find two strangers parlaying her in bed in her apartment.

According to the Greenbelt Police Department, the woman returned home on April 5 to find their front door damaged and their apartment nearly empty. 

After entering the apartment, the resident found two suspects, a man, and a woman, lying on the bed. 

The suspects told the resident that they took all of their property with the exception of the bed because they really liked the bed. 

$50,000 in property was missing and is still unaccounted for.

The apartment was fully furnished when the resident left for vacation on March 28.

Not only were they in my home, but everything in my home was gone except for my bed because he details how he loved my bed so much. 

And I’m like who are you? And he says my name. He’s like you didn’t pay your rent. 

I’m like what are you talking about? I paid my rent.

The male suspect became aggressive when the resident attempted to call the police and he wouldn’t allow her to leave.

He tackles me, and I’m like ‘sir this is my home you not gone let me leave?’ 

He’s like, ‘no I’m just saying you not gone call the police.

I’m going to give you your apartment you just not gone call the police.’  

In a state of complete shock, the woman told them to get their belongings and leave. 

I just couldn’t believe this was happening to me, I see this on TV.

They really took over my apartment, and I was just trying to remain calm. But at the same time, I just couldn’t believe this was happening to me. 

I come home and literally, two people are in my bed relaxing.

The suspects eventually left, but not before offering the woman a tutorial of how they were able to get into her apartment. 

Watch the unbelievable video below. 

The suspects told the woman they planned to do this again at another apartment.

Greenbelt City Police say they are aware of this and have officers actively patrolling the area. 

The good news is the apartment complex has agreed to let the resident out of her lease because they obviously aren’t providing safe housing.

Watch the full news report below. 

What would you have done if you came home to find strangers in your bed?

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Source: Fox5DC